I came to Bali to change the way I treat myself and thus others around me too. That did actually happen during this retreat. What surprised me was how drastically and quickly the patterns in and around me changed. Movement in water was very good for me.

Liv Christin Ullereng

Participant, Finding Self-Love

This retreat was amazing! I had such good experiences! It was an opportunity to open myself in an absolutely safe space! Without any sorrows about ”normal life” I could dive deeply into the retreat. I received flower showers, ate very good and healthy food, there was good music, and new and old insights. How can I serve myself and others? Come to this self-love retreat with Vasudev and his amazing team! Thank you!!

Corinna Weiß

Participant, Finding Self-Love

I have attended a week long retreat of “Finding Self-love” with Vasudev and his team. It has been a journey with love; interesting conversations, music, dance, massage, fabulous environment, daring to go out of the comfort zone, taking care of ourselves and much joy! I really recommend this retreat for anyone who wants to grow in self-esteem and self-confidence. Thank you for a week of growth!!!

Terje Dahl

Participant, Finding Self-Love

If you need to replenish energy or want to make a positive change in your life, I highly recommend this retreat and Bali! A rich and varied program that can give you a quantum leap in self-esteem and love both for yourself and others. It was like landing in an fairytail with warmhearted people and good energy!

Nina Hansen - Yoga teacher and life-coach

Participant, Finding Self-Love

This retreat is for you who is willing to be open and honest, who wants to get to know yourself and find a new direction – to let more love in and get a richer life!

Hallfridur Bjarnadottir - High school teacher (lektor)

Participant, Finding Self-Love

If you want to give yourself a gift, I would highly recommend a week in Bali with Finding Self-love, Vasudev and his team. So much wonderful to be a part of! I met myself and others in a safe and positive way in the world’s most beautiful surroundings!

Laila Moberg - Therapist, workshop leader

Participant, Finding Self-Love

Finding Self-Love in Bali. Yes, that you do. You find self-love. Lots of self-love. But you find more! During the process you go through, during the week, through the days, and the exercises, you find who you are, and want to become. One remembers! Rediscover! The breathing exercise, which leaves you with insights it is impossible to put into words, which changes everything you thought you had to be, everything you thought you had to live with. That changes the view of the Self! I spent many weeks, maybe months afterwards, to integrate it all, to understand that it’s so simple – Love changes everything! The Watsu – to trust that someone is looking after you so that you can just float – so hard, but so easy! So liberating! And the music! The dance! The playfulness! The pleasure of being in ones own body! The love between all who is there, to care for oneself and everyone else – so difficult, but so easy!

Being in Bali this week was like standing in the rain and being washed clean – you got a new start. Vasudev was a wonderful host, with several co-hosts who took care of all the small problems that could arise. The nature, the sounds, the smells, the people who live there, the food, the sea – absolutely amazing. The experience can be described in many words – if I am to put it all into only one word it must be Magical. Absolutely magical.

Kjersti Eidsvaag

Participant, Finding Self-love

Thank you so much! After this retreat I can get up in the morning and just trust in myself and listen to what my body and inner feelings and thoughts tell me. I feel that I am me after all these years. So when challenges come I will not betray or deny this inner voice. It has cost me too much to get in touch with it again.


It was my foster father who first allowed me to feel this inner connection to myself. He was a very handsome and intelligent man and I can hardly thank him enough today. I felt that this retreat really allowed me to come back to meee…. because of the safety you created, Vasudev, and the humility of Michael and Jamie.


We were a group of people who really have met several challenges in our life, but we were all honest, brave and open minded. Together we created a room to feel safe and see ourselves. It is so valuable!

Marie Gry Norstand

Participant, Finding Self-love

What you have given us and me with this retreat is totally unique and fantastic! It keeps working long after I came home from Bali and I think it will continue the rest my life! Thank you!!!

Fiona Schaub

Participant, Finding Self-love

Finding Self-love is a retreat easy to recommend to others because it is a solid, creative and transformative process – that works!

Grazyna Zofia Rosenfeldt

Participant, Finding Self-love

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