Practical information

1) How long does it take to fly to Bali?

From most places in Europe it usually takes roughly 20 hours to fly to Bali. That means you arrive the day after you leave. Calculate a day or two for resting and adjusting to the time difference.

From most of the USA, the flight to Bali takes 25 hours or more. To arrive in Bali on a particular date, you have to leave two calendar days prior.  If you want to arrive on Nov 1st, you’ll have to leave on Oct 30th (this is partly due to crossing the International Date Line and partly due to the transit time).

Before booking your airline ticket, make sure to check how long the flight is. It could be as long as 48 hours… but very often you can find an almost identical ticket with a much shorter travel time.

If you are able to come a few days before the retreat, you will have time to get over the jet-lag, acclimatize and get used to a different time zone. Air ticket prices vary greatly – if you have time to come a week before and leave a week after major holidays, your ticket may be less than half the price.

Bali by Heart has a special 5-day program for exploring Bali before the retreat. We can also help you find a beautiful place to stay, be it in the cultural and spiritual center of Ubud or next to a beautiful beach in Bali or a quiet island not far away…

2) Where do I search for a ticket?

You fly to Bali. The airport is in Denpasar (DPS) and is called Ngurah Rai. Bali is an island in Indonesia. I’ve found the best deals on these sites:

The airlines that fly the most direct routs are:

It’s nice to travel with others, so get in touch with each other for example on Facebook:

Finding Self Love Facebook Group

3) Do I need a visa?

Most nationalities get a visa on arrival that lasts 30 days. It is free. You can also buy a visa for $ 35 that is extendable for an additional month.

4) How hot is it?

The average temperature most places in Bali is about 25-35 C (77-95 F) year round. However, higher up in the mountains the temperature can drop to 15 C (60 F) at night.

5) Does it rain a lot?

The weather is unpredictable in Bali just as in most places. There is a rainy season from November to February with December and January having the heaviest rainfall statistically speaking. That doesn´t mean it rains all the time – during this season it usually rains once or twice a day with sun and blue skies in between the rain torrents.

6) Do I need vaccines?

This said (the pocket doctor) about vaccines to Bali and the neighbouring island of Lombok:

“Like all other exotic destinations, it is recommended to have valid vaccines against diphtheria, tetanus, polio and hepatitis A. If only a few weeks stay, I would also recommend Dukoral. I would not take malaria medicine even if it appears in Lombok, but you must prevent mosquito bites as well as you can. For longer stays there is a vaccine against typhoid fever and Japanese B encephalitis.”

For more information, see this fact sheet from the Australian travel doctor: PDF

For Norwegians, you find more information here:

7) What should I bring?

A big empty suitcase…. for all the textiles, handicrafts, clothes, gifts and souvenirs you want to bring back home. Yes, Bali, and especially Ubud, has some of the best shopping in the world in all price ranges.

On a more serious note – you should bring sunscreen, some light summer clothes and a couple of swimming suits. And a good pair of shoes for walking.


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