Daily program

Schedule day by day

Finding Self-love lasts for 8 days from we check in at Svarga Loka Resort at noon the first day until our last lunch together a week later.

We open with a welcome meeting at 2 pm where we share and play to create a safe container for the rest of the retreat. Then it is time for food! After dinner there will be a relaxing sound-healing concert where we lie down while we let the music take us on a journey. The program for the whole week will look roughly like this:

The workshops change from day to day depending on the theme we are going through: We start with what we need to feel safe. We continue to work on feeling safe doing Watsu – water-healing with Michael in our pool heated to body temperature. As you can see from the program there will be a wide variety of workshops and events including a chocolate ceremony, dance, open stage, Balinese massage (2 pr person), a Breathwork Journey and much more.

You are, of course, very welcome to stay at Svarga Loka Resort before the retreat starts to acclimatize and enjoy the quiet ambience of the place. 

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