When what is unconditionally loving meets the places in itself that have felt unloved; when what is innocent embraces fully what has been shamed; when what is infinitely open meets its own finite contractions – we experience healing.

– Dorothy Hunt


Self-love is the foundation for a happy life and healthy relations

We provide retreats that allow you to love yourself – without having to prove yourself valuable! You are worthy of love simply because you are you!

We have a soft approach. We explore ways to deepen self-love through songs, heart dance, questions, playful exercises, and sharing – and by receiving love in the form of friendly attention, care and community.

Is this something for you? The only prerequisites are that you are ready to explore what is actually going on inside yourself and are willing to be real about it, AND that you are open to receive love…

An integral part of our retreats is Watsu – water healing. We are fortunate to have Michael Hallock, one of the world leading therapists on our team sharing his magic:


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This retreat was amazing! I had such good experiences! It was an opportunity to open myself in an absolutely safe space! Without any sorrows about ”normal life” I could dive deeply into the retreat. I received flower showers, ate very good and healthy food, there was good music, and new and old insights. How can I serve myself and others? Come to this self-love retreat with Vasudev and his amazing team! Thank you!!

Corinna Weiß

Participant, Finding Self-Love, Easter 2017

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